Medicine Music
for The People

Inspired by nature

Uplifting music for
people's soul

On a mission to break the barriers
of languages, cultures & emotions
through music

Think less, feel more

Unique melodies touching

people's heart worldwide

        Enter your heart space

        Reconnect to yourself

        Find peace

Listen e feel
that healing moment

Put on your headphones, close your eyes, lye down & fly away


Start listening, feel the mind slowing down and dive inside your soul. Here is where the healing happens. Let it be. Enjoy the magic.


Alessandro Pierini is an Italian unique, explosive self-taught artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer. Born as an handpan solo player, he is currently developing a revolutionary organic electroacoustic fusion live set which is making him one of the first musicians mixing the handpan with electronic elements. Nature, extreme sports & adventure are his constant source of inspiration...


"Living an adventurous
life is my secret"

Driven by Nature

"Extreme adventures bring me back to the present moment, where I can empty my mind completely"

Here and now:

        "I stop thinking"

        "I start feeling"

        "Motivational, uplifting music arises"

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Medicine Music
for The People





© 2020 Alessandro Pierini

Alessandro Pierini is an Italian unique, explosive self-taught artist, multi-in- strumentalist, producer. Beginning his music career in 2018 as a street musician, Ale put his message out into the world by playing in the streets of Spain and was answered immediately. Fans from all over the globe were drawn to the distinctly handpan musician, activist, surfer, snowboarder, rock climber. It was the start of a journey that would span well over many countries, taking Ale to almost every continent on the planet, where he has connected with people from all cultures and walks of life. There are no borders that apply to Ale's music.

Ale is developing his music, which he likes to call "Medicine Music for the People", with the aim to deliver healing, motivation, strong emo- tions to his fans. By listening deeply to his melodies you will be flying to higher states of consciousness. Its unique heavenly music style is guiding the listener through a special reconnection moment with his/her deeper self, bringing peace, motivation and joy of living. By being authentic, Ale is touching people's heart worldwide and is get- ting many fans loving him with an inextinguishable passion.

His live format is seen as distinct, unique and unforgettable. Since his first concert in 2018, he has played in a variety of solo formats, each with an unmistakable personality of its own. The further the ripples of his career reached, the bigger the wave got. Now he is sponsored by several international music brands which support constantly his creativity. Spain has been the the first to fall in love with Ale. Then it was Europe. Then it was South America. The snowball is keeping rolling the more and more.

As Ale popularity is growing worldwide, his music style is also evolving. Born as an handpan solo player, he is currently developing a revolutionary organic electroacoustic fusion live set which is making him one of the first Handpan musicians mixing the handpan with electronic elements. If you are lucky enough to attend to one of his concerts worldwide, you will see him playing several different handpans, didgeridoo, piano, electric violin, electric cello, drums, electric saxophone, synthesizer, and many more instruments at the same time.

Extreme sports, adventure and nature allow him to connect to the present moment. It is here that he inspires himself and his creations take place. Ale truly loves his fans and feels constantly blessed to be able to perform in front of them. In only few years, he has inspired thousands of people through his socials profiles and been the catalyst for others to find their own voice. He is helping people to awaken themselves, and he is beloved as both an icon in world music and a human being.

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