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  • Choose Your First Handpan

    Handpan world is such a complex market, evolving constantly every year with several different musical scales and types of metallic materials. 

    Where can I buy a quality handpan? Which scale should I choose according to your tastes? Which is the right price to pay for a quality handpan? Can I trust this handpan maker? Which is the difference between major and minor scale? How many notes should I get on my first handpan? Which material should I choose? Which microphones should I use? Which stands should I buy? How do I take care of my handpan?

    There are many things to consider once you are ready to make your first handpan investment. Alessandro Pierini will guide you privately from the start to the final choice of the perfect handpan for your needs. You will be able to ask anything you want about the handpan world and get curated answers by one of the most talented handpan players out there.