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THE TEMPLE has started a collaboration with Antico Podere Cavozzoli, a organic farm specialized in extra virgin olive oil production. This farm is situated just next by THE TEMPLE, and is managed by Giacomo, Alessandro’s brother. Together, combining Giacomo 20 years experience in the olive oil making process and Alessandro’s medicine music, they have managed to give life to a unique extra virgin olive oil.

The experiment has been conducted on 2 adjacent pieces of land:

THE TEMPLE land, with 100 olive plants, infused by daily medicine music coming out from speakers disseminated in between the plants. Here, the musical notes of Alessandro music are propagated in a continuous flow, day and nigh, in order to create a consistent sound hood, an intimate high vibrational musical space for the olive plants. All the musical creations of Alessandro Pierini are maintained at low volume, around 65dB and with frequencies in between 1000 and 2000 Hertz.

Antico Podere Cavozzoli land, with almost 1500 olive plants, with same identical biological and organic care of the plants as the plants belonging to THE TEMPLE, but without medicine music irrorated constantly.

These 2 areas are monitored throughout the growing season. At harvest, the quality of the olives of the 2 different lands are tested and there are evident differences between those that are intensely serenaded by Alessandro music, and those too far to perceive the sound waves. It is clear that sound waves are a source of energy, which can be perceived by the olive plants on a cellular level and bring great benefits to the plants.

How does medicine music influences our olive plants?

  • It boost the content of chlorophyll.
  • Olives are richer of polyphonic compounds, powerful natural antioxidants. This oil becomes a real medicine for you.
  • The sound frequencies come into contact with the energy of the plant and create a sort of growth of the lifeblood. More leaves are born, more resistant and greener, which defend themselves against fungi and diseases.
  • Better photosynthesis, thanks to the accelerated metabolism.
  • The trees closer to the music speakers are the most healthy ones, with the most robust foliage.
  • It has been demonstrated by past studies from other researchers, that low frequencies and their vibrations stimulate the interchange of potassium and calcium in between the cells of the plant, which becomes more resistant to infirmities.
To conclude, the extremely high vibrations of the medicine music combined together with the dictates of strict and real organic farming, give rise to healthy, strong plants which are producing much healthier olives. All of this, gives an overall unique strong, intense taste to this prestigious MUSICAL MEDICINE OLIVE OIL, which premium quality is certified by laboratory chemical analyzes, by official tasting panel tests and by the presence of prestigious guides in the sector.