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    Music producer, Handpan player, Multi-instrumentalist, Ecstatic Dance Dj

    Handpan musician, Multi-instrumentalist on more than 20 acoustic and electronic instruments, Live Performer, Music Producer, Dj specialized in Ecstatic Dance

    Creator of a unique fusion of hypnotic, uplifting, deep, tribal, cosmic, melodious, dreamy, meditative, mystic melodies. His interest is in using the healing power of healing music through his innovative project Medicine Music for The People.

    Born as an Handpan player, Alessandro Pierini now performs worldwide on up to 5 handpans at the same time, plus on greek monochords, Indian tampura, Japanese koto, African kamele ngoni, African kora, Australian didgeridoo, electronic violin,  electronic cello, piano, electronic sax, synthesizer and many more electronic and acoustic instruments and sound effects, creating an extremely unique sound experience.



    Alessandro Pierini’s musical adventure began as an hang player and handpan street busker. With time, he has become a worldwide recognized multi instrumental artist, handpan player, live music performer, both in the sound healing, organic and electronic music field, combining handpan music and electronic music with many other ethnic instruments from all over the world.


    Medicine Music for The People is a bridge to help the listeners to connect at a deep level and to activate or enhance their wholehearted spiritual growth and mind expansion.
    Through this project, Alessandro Pierini creates a deep uplifting inner musical journey.  His medicine music has been defined by so many people, more than a Music Therapy, such as a deep spiritual experience able to connect them with the subtle realms and healing that goes beyond words or intellect. His timeless musical portal is now taking millions of people on a multidimensional cosmic, ethereal, hypnotic, uplifting heart opening journey. 


    Alessandro performs live his medicine music worldwide at any kind of conscious events that resonate with his heart, values and musical vision. He also carries out yearly musical expeditions to the most remote places of earth shooting astonishing audiovisual content with the aim to connect people to nature through his healing melodies. 


    The hang or handpan is the instrument that started Alessandro pierini's musical adventure. Alessandro met the hang, several years ago, on the streets of Tarifa in the south of Spain and immediately felt a strong attraction for this instrument and its healing music. So he started exploring the magic sound of the handpan and its power to deeply touch the mind and soul to enhance spiritual growth and mind expansion.

    Today Alessandro is a world-renowned handpan player, he plays numerous hang drums in a continuous research that leads him to experiment with many new instruments and percussions from all over the world.